At Acomb Primary School, in conjunction with Pathfinder Multi-Academy Trust, we aim to provide the most cost effective uniform for our families. We have made a commitment to:

  • Keep the number of branded items to a minimum (sweatshirt or cardigan and PE T-shirt)
  • Ensuring all other required uniform items are as widely available as possible (plain t-shirts, black or grey trousers, skirts and dresses)
  • Providing good condition second hand uniform to help cater for all family budgets
  • Assess the overall cost implications including assessing the impact variations in uniform can have
  • Avoid frequent changes
  • Consider how costs affect different groups of pupils
  • Engage with parents and pupils when reviewing our uniform
  • Negating additional uniform for extra-curricular activities
  • Engage with uniform suppliers to secure good value for money

The school uniform applies to all age groups, with a uniform providing a sense of identity, as well as reasonably priced, practical clothing.

It is expected that children will be neatly and cleanly dressed at all times and, other than for agreed occasions, in school uniform.

We don’t allow branded leisure clothing or sports wear, as uniform or PE kit.  Children will be asked to remove these and parents/carers contacted for repeat occurrences.

All children should have a water bottle for use in school – these can be purchased from the school office for £1

We supply children’s first book bag on joining school free of charge.

We have a large selection of second hand uniform available via the school office which can be viewed at any time.  The Friends of Acomb Primary parents’ group run regular sales of pre-loved uniform throughout the year as well.

If you need any help with the cost of uniform, please contact the school office.

Our school uniform logo items can be ordered online at APC Tadcaster.

Delivery to school is FREE if you enter the discount code ACOMBFREEPOST.

Uniform Requirements

  • Grey or black trousers or shorts.
  • Grey or black pinafore dress, skirt or trousers.  Skirts must be of a reasonable length.
  • School sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo.
  • Royal blue, white or red polo shirt (with or without school logo).  These are available in supermarkets, clothing shops (eg Primark, Marks & Spencer, Next) and can often be purchased in good value multi packs.
  • In summer – blue or red gingham summer dresses are also permitted.

PE kit

  • named bag is required to hold the PE Kit.
  • Plain black or navy shorts with a school branded coloured T-shirt (depending on team points team)
  • Indoor PE may be carried out in bare feet or plimsolls or trainers.

Additional kit for outdoor PE

  • Trainers (outdoor shoes are fine for this if they are trainers).
  • Long sleeved top or track suit for when it is cold.
  • Tracksuit bottoms for when it is cold.  Shorts as above to be worn at other times.


  • Sensible, well-fitted shoes are preferable. For safety reasons, fashion shoes, including platform or high heeled shoes should not be worn.
  • Sandals and Crocs should not be worn.
  • Indoor shoes should be brought to school to help us keep the carpets in good condition and also to ensure children are able to access the grassed areas at playtime and lunchtime throughout the year.
  • Some children prefer to wear school shoes indoors and change into trainers for outdoor use.  This is fine too.

Please ensure that all your child’s clothes are named. We cannot stress enough how much time, and upset, can be saved if all personal items are clearly marked.


No jewellery must be worn in school other than small studs in pierced ears. This rule is enforced because bracelets, necklaces and dangling earrings can be a danger at playtime and during PE lessons. The school will accept no responsibility for accidents caused by the wearing of jewellery. Watches may be worn, but they are brought into school at the child’s own risk.