Because we have an intake of 45, we need to run split year group classes, something we have done very successfully for many years. When we split the classes, we look at each child as an individual and decide what they need most – taking into account, ability, friendships, special educational needs and other factors in order to create mixed ability classes throughout.

Our curriculum planning supports this approach.  We run a two-year cycle across Years Three and Four so that children don’t repeat topics or content and don’t miss out on areas of the curriculum either.

Here you can see the topics covered in each term across both cycles.  For more information, follow the hyperlinks to the subject areas or topic titles.

Acomb Primary Long Term Plan Y3 Y4

Year Three and Four Cycle A: 2021/22   2023/24   2025/26

Year Three and Four Cycle B: 2020/21   2022/23   2024/25