The intent of our Science curriculum is to

  • To secure an understanding of the world around them through investigation of scientific ideas and concepts.
  • To develop children’s curiosity by raising awareness of science all around them.
  • Enable children to make links between science and other subjects in order to secure their knowledge and deepen understanding.
  • Equip children with skills to work scientifically – different types of enquiry, working logically and sequentially.
  • Complement the characteristics of effective learning – children will think critically, play and explore and learn in active ways.

How Science links with our school values

Children will be motivated to learn and determined to discover.
Children develop innovative and creative ways of working, showing perseverance when exploring ideas and concepts.
Children evaluate the reliability and authenticity of different information.
Children recognise how working collaboratively and inclusively can contribute to and make a positive impact in the modern world.


  • We follow Development Matters and the National Curriculum for Y1-6.
  • We have a clear progression document which sets out the order of learning and contains the disciplinary and substantive knowledge, skills and vocabulary that children will need.
  • We look for opportunities to develop characteristics of effective learning through the science curriculum, so that children can develop their skills of working scientifically.
  • We offer real life opportunities such as visiting scientists (e.g. York University, RAF, parents who work in scientific fields) to enable children to find out more about the world.
  • We maximise opportunities for extra-curricular learning (eg Earth Club, Microscopes on loan) including encouraging disadvantaged pupils to take part.


The intended impact is that children will:

  • Children have strong foundations of learning in science and are ready for the next stage of their education.
  • Children develop their passion for science.
  • Children will become independent and curious scientists who ask questions and discover things for themselves.

Science Curriculum Map:

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