The intent of our RSHE curriculum is to

  • At Acomb Primary School, we want our children to be confident, independent, resilient, healthy and tolerant with the capacity to make informed and responsible choices.
  • Help children to identify, recognise and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Our RSHE curriculum promotes the welfare, safety and positive mental health of our children.
  • RSHE is at the core of our school ethos underpinning our school values and our wider work on personal development.

How RSHE links with our school values

Resilience – Children will develop a positive sense of themselves, their local community and the wider world.
Aspiration – Children will develop a growth mindset and will celebrate the achievements of themselves and others.
Integrity – Children will understand the concept of integrity and its positive impact.
Respect – Children will be inclusive and develop the skill of empathy in order that they work and play effectively alongside others.


  • We follow the SCARF scheme of work from Early Years to Year Six.
  • We follow a 2-year cycle from Y1 to Y6 to accommodate mixed age teaching.
  • We have a long term plan which outlines topics across each half term.
  • We have a clear progression document which outlines the key skills and vocabulary for each phase.
  • The curriculum is taught in a variety of engaging ways – such as class based learning, assemblies, visitors (eg NSPCC, York Rescue Boat, Fire Service), Young Leaders Award (Y2 & Y5) and visits (eg Crucial Crew).
  • We have a calendar of local and national events to support the curriculum – eg Black History Month, Anti-Bullying Week, Children’s Mental Health Week.


The intended impact is that children will:

  • Children will be equipped with the life skills to support them in the next stage of their education and in their wider lives.
  • Children will be well rounded people who can contribute positively to society.

RSHE Curriculum Map:

Here you can see our curriculum newsletters for RSHE: