The aim of our PE curriculum is to:

  • Equip children with the skills and confidence to be active and healthy members of the community.
  • Enable children to understand how to best care for their bodies and the importance and reasons for doing so.
  • Equip children with a breadth of sporting experiences so they can apply their learning to the wider world and go on to participate beyond school.


  • We follow the National Curriculum and participate in the York School Sports Network.
  • We follow our school’s progression document; ensuring learning builds year by year.
  • We emphasise the importance of daily movement, be that in school or beyond our grounds.
  • We use quality equipment and coaches to stimulate children’s learning.
  • We signpost children to opportunities with local clubs and further afield.
  • We emphasise the importance of keeping active and healthy and the reasons for doing so, be that in focused sport or as part of our daily routines.


The impact of the work undertaken this academic year is:

  • Based on pupil voice, more sporting clubs are on offer and more children across the key stages have participated.
  • New sports have been added to the extra-curricular offer, broadening the opportunities on offer to children.
  • New equipment has been ordered, improving the sporting experience for children across the PE curriculum.
  • The quality of daily, routine activity has been improved through the ordering of new equipment.

The expected impact of this curriculum is that children will:

  • Have experienced a range of sports throughout their time in school.
  • Have a developed understanding of how to keep their bodies healthy and the importance of doing so.
  • Have had opportunities to participate in competitive sports, both in and out of school time.
  • Will understand how they can develop their sporting skills outside the school setting.

Links to school values

Aspiration We aspire to be confident in the fundamental movement skills.
Independence We can independently apply what we have learnt to our own lives and understand how to keep fit and healthy.
Communication We can communicate clearly and concisely, in both sporting settings and the wider world.
Community We work well as a team when faced with an unfamiliar challenge or task.
Achievement We aim to achieve high standards in whatever sporting event we take part in.
Opportunity We have frequent opportunities to experience a range of activities, both in school and in the wider community.