The aim of our PE curriculum is to:

  • Equip children with the skills and confidence to be active and healthy members of the community.
  • Enable children to understand how to best care for their bodies and the importance and reasons for doing so.
  • Equip children with a breadth of sporting experiences so they can apply their learning to the wider world and go on to participate beyond school.
  • Ensure that children have the confidence, knowledge and skills to participate in a range of games and other physical activities.

How PE links with our school values

Resilience – Children show determination to succeed and have a positive approach to self-improvement.
Aspiration – Children persevere in order to develop fundamental movement skills and apply these in different contexts.
Integrity – Children demonstrate fairness and honesty both within sport and outside the school environment.
Respect – Children can explain the value of exercise, both physically and mentally and are inclusive of all others.


  • We follow the National Curriculum and participate in the York School Sports Network.
  • We follow our school’s progression document; ensuring learning builds year by year.
  • We emphasise the importance of daily movement, be that in school or beyond our grounds.
  • We use quality equipment and coaches to stimulate children’s learning.
  • We signpost children to opportunities with local clubs and further afield.
  • We emphasise the importance of keeping active and healthy and the reasons for doing so, be that in focused sport or as part of our daily routines.


  • The intended impact is that children will:
    • Experience a range of sports throughout their time in school.
    • Develop an understanding of how to keep their bodies healthy and the importance of doing so.
    • Have opportunities to participate in competitive sports, both in and out of school.
    • Understand how to develop their sporting skills beyond the school setting.

PE Curriculum Map:

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