The aim of our Languages curriculum is to:

  • Give children the opportunity to speak and listen in another language.
  • Develop children’s cultural awareness of a different country where English is not the first language.
  • Ensure that children have the confidence, knowledge and skills to converse on a basic level in another language and the desire to develop this further.

How PE links with our school values

Resilience – Children show the determination to speak and listen to another language.
Aspiration – Children persevere in order to refine their speaking and listening skills.
Integrity – Children have authentic experiences and discussions about other cultures.
Respect – Children show and develop their respect for other languages and cultures.


  • We have support from a secondary school languages teacher who teaches the Y5 & Y6 classes.
  • Class teachers are involved as part of their CPD with the aim that they upskill and are able to take classes themselves in the future.
  • We use a range of resources to support the teaching.
  • The focus is on the spoken language.


  • The intended impact is that children will:
    • Learn the basics of Spanish during Y5 & Y6 and be able to hold a simple conversation.
    • Develop an interest in learning languages which will prepare them for the next stage of their education.
    • Build their understanding of the wider world and of other cultures.

Languages Curriculum Map:

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