The intention of the Geography curriculum at Acomb is to inspire in children a curiosity about the environment around them and a fascination with the wider world and its people. Children at Acomb will develop knowledge of the human and physical geography of a diverse range of places, instilling in them an intrinsic understanding of culture, diversity and physical and human processes around the world. During their time at Acomb, children will develop and refine geographical skills in enquiry, investigation and analysis as well as the interpretation of geographical sources of information and data. Through our curriculum, Children will explore our local area and develop an understanding of their own place in the world.

How Geography links with our school values

Achievement Geography at Acomb will allow children to gain an appreciation and understanding of the wider world and consider the local and global impacts of human environmental actions. Children will be inspired to make a positive difference and impact in our local community and beyond.
Aspiration Our geography curriculum will allow children to become more independent in their learning as they are encouraged to question and evaluate their discoveries. Through their investigations, children will learn from their mistakes and develop a sense of autonomy for their own learning.
Communication Children will explore the world around them by taking part in practical, immersive activities, working collaboratively and expressing their ideas and thought processes. Children will learn through discussion and be taught to question and evaluate their discoveries.
Community Our children will develop respect for our local community and environment, discovering new places and challenging what they already know. They will find out about the community that makes up our local human geography and engage in activities based in our local environment.
Independence Our Geography curriculum will inspire children to be curious about the environment around them and culture and diversity in the wider world. It will instil in them a desire to explore, learn and discover, equipping them with lifelong skills.
Opportunity Our geography curriculum will allow children to build confidence through life experiences, with opportunities to practically explore their surroundings. Children will take part in fieldwork both on and off site and have the opportunity to develop their geographical skills through a rich and varied curriculum and quality resources.


  • Geography is taught based on the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 and EYFS Development Matters.
  • Children explore geography through the following strands: locational knowledge; place knowledge; human and physical geography; geographical skills and fieldwork
  • A carefully planned whole school progression document, including knowledge and skills, ensures that children are developing as geographers.
  • Our curriculum provides a variety of opportunities for local environment studies, and exploring issues relating to local areas, as well as exploring places, cultures and events in the wider world.
  • Maps or globes are displayed in every classroom to support the study of geography and to highlight key knowledge and locations.
  • Children are taught the skills needed to use an atlas and a map and they use these to find key knowledge.


The impact of our geography curriculum will be assessed through both formative and summative assessment opportunities. Teachers will monitor both the geographical skills and knowledge gained as well as the progression of these skills as children move through school. In addition, displays and working walls in classrooms will reflect the key knowledge being taught.

Our Geography curriculum will enable children to leave primary school equipped for success in their secondary education with a range of skills and a thorough and wide ranging geographical knowledge base.