The intent of our Design Technology curriculum is to

  • Give children a wide range of opportunities to develop creative, technical and practical understanding and skills.
  • Give children the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding through real life experiences that relate to the wider curriculum and their local area.
  • Ensure children have opportunities to explore, foster an open mind-set and consider different points of view, needs and tastes.
  • Develop children’s understanding of the intent of a design, the quality of the final product and environmental impact.
  • Develop children’s understanding of sustainable design.

How Design Technology links with our school values

Children learn how to deal with setbacks when constructing their designs. They are encouraged to develop inventive ideas to solve problems.
Children carry out ongoing evaluation of their work and are motivated by the design process.
Children consider how their products are of benefit. They understand that design should be led by using materials that can be reused and recycled.
Children will understand that when creating a design, adaptions may be required to make their product accessible.


  • We follow the National Curriculum and Early Years Development Matters.
  • We acquire skills through developing specific subject knowledge and completing focused, practical tasks.
  • We make meaningful and creative, skills-based links with other curriculum areas.
  • We foster an understanding of adaptability and change when planning and creating projects in real life situations, teaching resilience when the design and making process isn’t going as initially expected.
  • We follow a unique skills and progression document.


The intended impact is that children will:

  • Develop a set of skills, knowledge and understanding that they will be able to apply to challenges that they meet in real life, now and in the future.
  • Understand the term renewable and begin to recognise that negative environmental impact can be alleviated through skilful design and thoughtful choices.
  • Learn that design responds to a variety of factors including: need, desire, environment, health.

Design Technology Curriculum Map:

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