The intent of our Computing curriculum is to

  • Open the pupil’s eyes to the digital world.
  • Ensure that all children understand the benefits and risks of using the internet and can make informed choices about what they interact with.
  • Develop problem solving skills and ensure all pupils can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science.


  • We follow the National Curriculum and Early Years Development Matters.
  • The Computing curriculum is built around four main strands: E-Safety, Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology.
  • An in-depth curriculum progressions document indicates the key skills children need to be taught in each year group.
  • The National Centre for Computing (NCCE) is used to support planning.
  • We use a variety of different hardware systems. Such as Chromebooks, iPads, Lego Wedo, and Bee-bots to complement our learning.
  • We use cross-curricular links to foster curiosity and engage children in their learning.
  • A combination of engaging applications and physical resources ensure all pupils receive a well rounded curriculum.


  • The teaching of the computing curriculum enables all children to use a computer with confidence.
  • All children leave the school knowing how to be safe online and who to speak to when they feel unsafe.
  • Children will be critical thinkers and able to understand how to make informed and appropriate digital choices in the future.
  • Children will understand the importance that computing will have going forward in both their educational and working life and in their social and personal futures.

Links to school values

Aspiration Computing at Acomb will open the doors to the Digital World and inspire children to be whatever they aspire to be.
Independence Computing at Acomb will give children the necessary skills to be more independent in their learning. Children will be able to overcome challenges more readily by drawing on skills learnt in Computing. Using computational thinking, children will learn from their mistakes and make changes to improve outcomes.
Communication Children will explore a variety of communicational tools and be able to use them suitably while using the correct register.
Community Computing at Acomb will open the children’s eyes to the importance of community. They will have a better understanding of social media and how to use it appropriately.
Achievement The Computing curriculum will inspire children to experiment and use logical reasoning to solve problems. It will encourage children to explore, learn and experiment while celebrating successes.
Opportunity Using the skills taught in Computing, the children at Acomb will have far more opportunities when working. These universal skills will encourage the children to be life-long learners.