The aim of our Art and Design curriculum is to:

  • Give children a wide range of artistic opportunities through which they can explore and develop skills
  • Help children learn to express themselves creatively
  • Give children opportunities to find out about cultural heritage by learning about well-known artists, architects and craftspeople.

How Art and Design links with our school values

When challenged by working with new media, children learn to use artistic techniques to solve problems and build their independence through developing their knowledge, experience and understanding.
Children enjoy art activities and learn how use art materials to a high standard. They take pride in the challenging work they do and they are motivated to apply the effort that helps to achieve stunning results.
Children learn to take responsibility for creating a whole piece of work using authentic materials and methods as much as possible. They learn about the work of artists, craftspeople and architects and they are encouraged to talk honestly about their opinions and their experiences of making and creating.
Children learn to use artistic vocabulary when talking about their work and that of others. Children are helped to understand that people’s opinions about art can be varied and valid. When talking about the work we make together in class, we model positive critique as a way to encourage artistic progress.


  • We follow the National Curriculum and Early Years Development Matters.
  • We explore creative opportunities based on a strong foundation of skills acquisition.
  • We make meaningful and creative, skills-based links with other curriculum areas.
  • We give our children the opportunity to explore creatively using a wide variety of artistic materials.
  • We follow a unique skills and progression document


Our children will experience a variety of artistic materials.

They will develop skills and techniques that allow them to feel confident and create with control and understanding of the media.

They will be able to make decisions about how they use artistic materials in a representational or expressive way.

They will recognise some of the work of a broad range of artists.

Art Curriculum Map:

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